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Why should you seek online therapy from South Africa?

Virtual psychological consultations were previously only permitted in South Africa if the practitioner and the patient had a working relationship. Psychology and psychotherapy have mainly gone online in recent years, and most medical insurance plans now cover your online counselling. Online therapy platforms provide personal counselling and talk therapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, substance use disorders and emotional support and wellbeing outsourced to South Africa.

Many licensed mental health providers around the world were forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 outbreak. People were recommended, on the other hand, to stay at home and work from home. Because of the quickly changing conditions, an increasing number of therapists have turned to virtual or online therapy, which is a viable alternative to traditional face-to-face treatment.

By speaking with online psychiatrists or psychologists today, you may be able to avoid having a full-fledged mental health problem later.

The Advantages of Online Therapy

Both the therapist and the client benefit from online therapy. They are both capable of communicating with each other on a variety of occasions. Both the therapist and the client have found that online counselling is more cost-effective.

Most customers who are uncomfortable talking about their concerns face to face with a counsellor prefer online counselling.

There are numerous reasons why clients prefer online counselling, including its convenience, accessibility, and other factors. Virtual psychology is a terrific treatment that is both cost-effective and widely available.

Taking charge of your mental health necessitates forming a long-term relationship with a therapist who will be there for you through the toughest moments in your life.

  • Language : In South Africa, British English is spoken and taught.
  • Therapists : who are highly qualified and experienced.
  • Convenience : Time zone difference is a little more than 2 hours. GMT +2 is the time zone for South Africa.
  • Affordable : A favourable UK-SA exchange rate is required to complete the process (£1 = ZAR20.55).
  • Accessible : from any location, on any device, and in time zones that are similar.

Prices for Online Therapy in the United Kingdom

For 50 minutes of online counselling, it might cost up to £65.00. We charge £40.00 per session for adults and £20.00 per session for children for online therapy.

What is the Process of Online Therapy?

You'll call a counsellor for a free phone consultation. Following the telephone evaluation, you will meet with a counsellor once a week for online sessions to work through your concerns. Face-to-face sessions and therapeutic self-care tools from highly qualified psychologists can help you improve your mental health whenever and wherever it suits you.

To schedule a meeting with an online therapist right now.

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