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Terms Of Use Here

OK so here is how we see this working. The Dopalist is a a site about addiction recovery it includes resources, tools, ideas and stories created by people in recovery and addiction recovery professionals and is curated by people in recovery and addiction recovery professionals.

What this means is that we review all items of content sent to this website and then only approve things that we think will be of value to the visitors to this website. The panel consists of some pretty open-minded people but that being said, content that does not meet editorial guidelines should never see the light of day. On the flip side, content created, with love and attention should have no problems going through our manual review panel. This being said. None of the content found on this website is necessarily the thought's or opinions of our staff, owners, shareholders, our families or friends. This site is written by people on the internet, so take away what you think is valuable and leave the rest if it does not sit well with you.

Editorial Review

Yep we don't store junk so if you are looking to market your business or slam some person or generally be a dick we just going to junk it. Poof! So please we urge you to take time, apply thought and most of all add your valuable insights and be cool. The kinds of reasons we turf content.

  • Spam nonsensical garbage (delete)
  • Copypasta stolen from another website (delete)
  • Raji banja SEO expert (delete)
  • This place, person, service, thing sucks, slander because (delete)
  • This race war, gender hate, left wing, religion wielding (delete)
  • Bob's pool cleaning service of unrelated drivvel (delete)

Anonymity Respect

Dopalist understands your anonymity is important and thus we will NEVER EVER sell your data, share your data or market to your email or phone numbers or other information any other third party whatsoever. All your interactions on this website are secured between you / your accounts and this server and any information we gather is used purely to enable your login and service your account.